Your Summer is Saved By AquaCast® Liner’s Waterproof Cast Material

Getting hurt and becoming cast-ridden is a sure fire way to put a damper on a summer, right? Not anymore. All too often, kids (and adults, too!) miss out on their favorite summer activities because of the need for keeping a cast dry. Luckily, the creators of the AquaCast liner have developed waterproof casts for kids, enabling them to still participate in water-based activities, like that trip to the pool or waterpark, while healing after an injury.

What are Waterproof Casts and How are they Different?

Waterproof casts are made using materials that resist water. Traditional casts are made with cotton lining and a hard fiberglass outer shell. Though the cotton is soft and comfortable for the skin, it quickly absorbs water (and sweat) and is unable to dry quickly. Having a waterlogged liner and cast can create skin issues such as skin maceration.   Concern for good skin health under a cast is one reason why doctors always recommend keeping a cast dry.  Additionally, because the cotton collects body oils and dead skin, it presents an environment for microbial growth which can lead to unpleasant odors.

Waterproof casts for kids provide the same structural solidity and support as traditional casts. However, they enable kids to carry on bathing, swimming, and having as much fun as possible (or at least as much as the doctor will allow!), all while remaining clean during healing. After leaving the water, whether it be the pool or the bath, an AquaCast liner will dry in less than an hour. It’s important to remember to flush the liner with a forceful stream of clean water after it has been doused in salt or chlorinated water, as this will prevent the buildup of bacteria.

To keep your summer on track after suffering a broken bone, talk with your physician about a waterproof cast today or contact AquaCast Liner for more information.


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