Why Should I Wear a Waterproof Cast?

One of the worst parts of healing a broken bone is having to wear a cast at all times, even when showering. Waterproof cast coverings tend to be clumsy and ineffective, making swimming and bathing out of the question. For this reason, doctors will often suggest that patients wear a waterproof cast liner when recovering from a bone break or fracture. Here are the top reasons why.

Waterproof casts are safer and more sanitary

Before waterproof cast liners, people used cotton padding beneath their casts, which collected sweat and bacteria. The only way to clean beneath the cast was to visit the doctor, have the cast removed, wash the skin, and receive a new cast. The difficulty of cleaning meant that visits were infrequent, and patients were at a higher risk for infection. Patients who do not use waterproof cast liners still experience these problems today.

A waterproof cast minimizes odor 

As we said above, patients wearing traditional cast liners often need to go weeks (or sometimes months!) between cleanings. Going so long in between washings generally causes an odor, as the cotton padding collects sweat, body oils and dead skin that cannot be removed. A waterproof cast liner allows for washing, making recovery much more sanitary.

Waterproof cast liners allow greater freedom

Patients who have been advised by a physician to wear a waterproof cast liner are free to swim, bathe, and shower as they please, without great difficulty. Not only does this make everyday life  easier, it also means not missing out on fun water activities. 

Order a waterproof cast today from AquaCast Liners

AquaCast provides waterproof cast liners to doctors and patients around the world. It is our goal to produce the highest quality waterproof casts in the healthcare market, helping patients remain active and comfortable during their recovery. To learn more about our products, contact us.

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