Why Physicians Recommend AquaCast Liners, formally Gore Procel, for Cast Waterproofing

We Have Great Waterproof Cast Material

Wearing a cast can be a major inconvenience and you may have to slow down your activities until you recover. Nobody likes to hear this from their doctor, but it’s the truth when dealing with a broken bone, in which a cast is required.

Fortunately, it will be a lot easier for you to deal with having a cast if you get one that is made out of the waterproof cast padding material by AquaCast Liner. AquaCast waterproof padding is similar to Gore Procel® which was on the market for 20 years before Gore decided to stop making the product.  Procel was made by the same brand who brought you Gore-Tex® waterproof apparel!

Numerous Benefits of Cast Waterproofing

You can go swimming if you have a cast that has a liner with the AquaCast technology which is similar to the Gore Procel technology. You can get the most out of swimming because you can submerge the cast. However, it is a good idea to flush the inside of the cast after you get out of the pool. The liner is designed to repel water, so it will typically dry within an hour or less.

You can also bathe or shower with the cast. A traditional cast can easily develop odors because bacteria and perspiration build up in the cast. However, because you can rinse our waterproof cast, you can minimize the chances of developing an odor.

Furthermore, you can keep your skin cleaner with one of our waterproof casts. You can rinse and flush the cast as frequently as you’d like, which helps reduce the risk of infection or other skin irritation.

For more information about our waterproof casts, please visit our blog frequently for additional tips, facts and advice and be sure to ask your doctor about the reputation of the former Gore Procel product and our high quality, durable AquaCast Liner products.

GORE, Procel and GORE-TEX are trademarks of W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.

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