Why Pediatricians Love Prescribing Our Waterproof Casts for Kids

When AquaCast® Liner first introduced our waterproof cast liner products, we saw immediately that our products grabbed the interest of parents and pediatricians. Over the next few years, countless doctors have told us how grateful they are that the technology and people behind waterproof cast liners exist. Waterproof cast liners are an advancement in medicine that make life much easier for both kids and parents. Keep reading to learn why.

They Up the “Fun” Factor

Rather than just plain white plaster, fiberglass casting material (which lies on top of the waterproof cast liner) comes in a wide range of bright, vibrant colors. Fiberglass casts can even be applied in multiple color patterns, like alternating stripes. You can even add sparkles to make them more colorful!

“Fun” might not seem like a very important factor when it comes to treating a patient, but when that patient is a child, fun is a vital part of the treatment process. It’s the little details, like picking out the color of the cast material, which help children be happy and calm during the treatment, which in turn makes it much easier for the cast technician to properly apply the cast.

They Allow Kids to Be Kids

Casts have come a long way in the past few decades. In the bad old days—almost 30 years ago before waterproof casts were first developed—wearing a cast could rob a child of an entire season of playtime. Since standard cast padding retains water long after the patient has stopped getting the cast wet, children were forbidden from participating in any activities that could generate moisture. Things were even worse in the summer, when recovering kids were forced to watch their siblings and friends play in the pool.

Now, though, thanks to waterproof casts, it’s possible for children to get their casts wet, and occasionally even participate in physical activities. (*Providers, please defer to your own medical experience, education, and judgement when determining whether it is safe for a recovering child to resume activity.)

They Assist the Recovery Process

Non-waterproof casts use either cotton or synthetic padding to separate the patient’s skin from the overlying fiberglass material. This padding collects sweat and bacteria, and can take days to dry when it gets wet. Since the patient’s skin cannot be easily cleaned or washed, more odor-causing bacteria is generated. A waterproof cast liner allows patients to wash below the skin, making recovery much more sanitary.

Order Waterproof Cast Liners for Your Practice Today!

AquaCast Liner provides waterproof cast liners to doctors and patients around the world. It is our goal to produce the highest quality waterproof casts in the healthcare market, helping patients remain active and comfortable during their recovery. To learn more about our products, please contact us.

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