Why Having a Waterproof Cast Is Important Even When Not Swimming

Casts are inconvenient, but crucial for proper healing to take place when dealing with a fractured bone. There are a lot of instructions for cast care and maintenance as shared by physicians, many of which are much easier if you choose a waterproof cast over a conventional one. Talk with your physician for more details and read on below for some information shared by AquaCast Liner, which you should consider if ever in this situation yourself or with a family member.

Why Choose a Waterproof Liner for Your Cast?

Most modern casts are made of a waterproof fiberglass outer shell. This shell can’t sit against the skin comfortably, so they are generally padded with materials that aren’t waterproof. Part of routine cast care and maintenance involves keeping this padding dry and clean, because there’s a high risk of skin degredation if wet padding is in continual contact with the skin.. Having a cast that’s fully waterproof helps eliminate this risk and greatly simplifies things like:

Bathing or Showering – Personal hygiene is vital for good health, and it’s much easier to bathe if you don’t have to worry about soaking your cast. For people who aren’t able to have assistance when they bathe, a waterproof cast may be the only viable option.

Inclement Weather – Rain and snow can allow moisture to infiltrate a cast. Sometimes, no matter how well-prepared you might be, unpleasant weather can leave you soaked to the bone. Having a waterproof cast takes a lot of the worry out of remembering to wear a cast cover or take the time to properly dry out the inner padding.

Waterproof vs. Conventional Casts

Waterproof liners are a bit more expensive than conventional padding, but are considered more comfortable by many patients and similar in terms of wear and healing time. For many people, waterproof liners are worth the small incremental cost because of the benefits of ease of maintenance, lowered risk of skin issues, and freedom for bathing and swimming with a cast.

Even if you do not plan on swimming with a cast, not having to worry about whether or not the material gets wet can take a load off of your mind. You do not have to let wearing a cast cramp your lifestyle. Talk with your doctor to see what waterproof liners can do for you.


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