What Are My Options for Getting and Taking Care of a Waterproof Cast?

If you or a family member has ever had a cast, you realize how tough it is to keep it dry. If you or your child has a broken bone, you need answers and want to understand all options available for a cast, especially if you live an active lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are liners that can be purchased before getting a cast. This waterproof padding makes it possible to enjoy a more normal lifestyle while waiting for the bone to heal. If the cast is ruined or gets too dirty, the cost of a new cast is typically on the patient. Insurance won’t help. That’s why it makes sense to pay a small amount now for a better quality of living and a near-guarantee that you won’t need another cast because of water damage.

Normal Cast Care and Maintenance

With a normal cast, cast care and maintenance includes keeping it as dry and clean as possible. This includes covering it if you take a shower. Covering it with a plastic bag may work, but it is just as likely to send water straight down into the cast if not properly sealed. Over time, this will cause the cotton lining to come apart and may even cause a skin rash, skin damage or foul odors.

Waterproof Cast Padding

With waterproof cast padding, the cast is built for showering and swimming. What’s great is that the padding will never absorb water and it drains quickly.  Any residual water or perspiration turns to vapor with heat from your  body. The vapor passes easily through the padding and fiberglass shell.

The process is fast, and the end result is a dry cast. The arm also stays cleaner, reducing the chances of dry, itchy skin. This also makes it ideal for activities that cause sweating, such as your daily jog, a weekend hike, or, for kids, time on a playground or outside with friends.

Granted, I may be a little biased, but I think the world would be a little more comfortable if more people were aware of the benefits of using a waterproof cast liner.

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