What are Hipster® Pantaloon Liners?| AquaCast® Waterproof Cast Material 

If you are a medical professional, you have probably already heard of waterproof cast liners for arm and leg fractures. A lesser-known cast liner solution is the Hipster Pantaloon Liner, which is distributed to doctors and technicians around the world. Below is more information about the Hipster Pantaloon Liner and how you can use it to help your patients!

What are Hipster Pantaloon Liners Made of?

AquaCast’s Hipster Pantaloon Liners are very thin, one-piece, waterproof, breathable cast liners that are used in hip spica casts, shoulder spica casts, and other types of body casts. Our cast liners are made from expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), which creates a barrier between the patient’s skin and the cast padding. Our Hipster Pantaloon Liners are available in both adult and pediatric sizes.

Addressing the Challenges of Hip Spica Casts

Wearing a Hip Spica Cast is tough for both patients and caretakers. This is particularly the case when the patient is an infant or child. Skin excoriation is a significant problem encountered by children confined to hip spica casts, and as a result they can experience discomfort, odor, and a host of other hygiene-related complications.

The Hipster Pantaloon Liner addresses many of these challenges by making it easier for parents and medical professionals to clean the patient’s waste. Furthermore, the liner helps patients’ skin stray drier, because residual moisture evaporates through it. Finally, use of the Hipster Pantaloon Liner reduces the need for an additional recasting. This means patients and caretakers do not have to pay the costly expenses for recasting and an additional round of anesthesia.

Our New & Improved Hipster Pantaloon Liner Design

AquaCast Liner has recently released a new, updated Hipster Pantaloon Liner design, modified to provide even more comfort to wearers. The new design features include:

  • Extra material in the perineal area, which allows for easier application
  • Slanted leg material, which allows for better fit and less material bunching
  • A pre-cut perineal opening for easy petaling

With these modifications, the Hipster Pantaloon Liner is easier to apply; provides enhanced comfort for patients; reduces odor by providing better cleaning opportunities; and lowers incidents of skin excoriation. All of these benefits add up to higher patient satisfaction, and potentially eliminates thousands of dollars in associated recasting costs!

Order the AquaCast Hipster Pantaloon Liner Today

With all the features outlined above, it’s no wonder that this product has quickly become a hospital favorite for shoulder and hip spica patients. For more information, or to place an order, please call 1-855-WET-CAST or contact us today!

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