Waterproof Casts: No More Bread Bags Covering Your Broken Bone Cast

Ever have to put a grocery bag over something in the rain? Wear a parka to an outdoor event? I bet you looked at those who were better prepared with a little jealousy.

If you or your child breaks a bone, you are facing the hassle of a cast for multiple weeks. If you shower every day, that’s 35 showers over the average 5 week time people wear a cast. Even if it’s just every other day, that’s 17 showers. Without waterproof casts, every shower is a threat to your cast.

The solution for some is to use a big plastic bag. You wrap rubber bands around the top, cutting into circulation as you try to keep the water out. The bag isn’t actually water-repellent so within minutes water could be seeping through.

So, What Are Your Options?

Waterproof casts and cast liners work for hands, arms, ankles, and legs and even for more complex body casts like hip spica and shoulder spica casts. ¬†Unlike a plastic bag or cast covers, these cast liners are designed to repel water. The material won’t let water sit and soak in it which allows for quick drying.

With waterproof casts, the bathing process is easy and safe again. This broken bone cast liner can take the sting out of summer because children can go wading in the leg cast or submerge and dive with an arm cast.

Want to learn more? Check out our products for options, sizes and other accessories to help you have a comfortable, active recovery period.

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