Waterproof Cast Material & Liners Buyer’s Guide

You don’t break a bone every day (at least we sure hope not!), but if it happens, it helps to know your options. Many people who are getting a cast don’t realize that waterproof cast padding material is available, which can make life in a cast much easier. This beneficial technology has been proven to work for people of all ages and lifestyles. A waterproof cast provides peace of mind during your recovery period.

You want to take a shower? Do it! If the cast gets a little dirty – Wash it off!  If you accidentally get it wet, no worries.  It dries out fast and you can move on with your day. Here are some more tips:

Avoid Substandard Materials

Although standard cast material has improved, it still is substandard when faced with any water. Moisture is everywhere. Its favorite place to hide is in the cotton lining of a typical cast applied to a patient’s injury.

Now, you can cover the cast when bathing with a cast cover, but this can lead to a wet mess against your skin if not properly sealed or accidentally submerged. That, in turn, can lead to the expense of replacing the cast due to damages to the cotton padding or worse, nagging skin irritation.

This issue goes beyond bathing. After all, an umbrella doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get your cast wet in the rain either. Furthermore, if you have a broken arm, that doesn’t mean you won’t sweat either doing activities or if it’s just hot outside. Everyone perspires – even in cool weather.  Sweat under a cast leads to odors and potential rashes, which are unpleasant and sometimes downright unbearable.

Many individuals forget it is not just about showering or swimming, so keep the aforementioned tips and advice in mind when making your decision or speaking with your doctor.

Ask About Waterproof Cast Material

The best combination these days is to get a fiberglass cast with a waterproof liner. With this type of cast, you won’t face daily battles with water or perspiration. You won’t face an agonizing decision to replace the cast due to water damage, either. Waterproof cast liners let water drain quickly and water vapors to pass through and, more importantly, they can air dry easily being left out in the open air or using a hair dryer on the cool setting.

Whether it’s a daily shower, a swim at the gym, or a long jog, moisture isn’t your enemy in a waterproof cast. Sweat won’t be an issue since the waterproof cast liner allows it to evaporate almost normally. Odor will be minimized because your skin will be washed clean with every shower. This takes a lot of the hassle out of living with a broken bone. Waterproof cast materials helps you maintain a more normal routine.

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