Waterproof Cast Liner FAQs: Tips from AquaCast® Cast Liners

Breaking a bone is hard enough, but what’s almost as bad is having to put your life on hold for the weeks (or months!) it takes for your fracture to heal. AquaCast waterproof cast liner material is designed to help you or your child do the things you usually do, like shower, bathe, and swim, while you recover. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from patients, doctors, and cast technologists about our waterproof cast products.

How does the AquaCast Liner work?

The AquaCast waterproof liner is a liquid-proof, vapor-permeable padding. Unlike traditional cotton or synthetic liners, an AquaCast liner will not absorb or retain water, and any water that does not immediately drain from the cast will evaporate through the liner and overlying fiberglass cast. AquaCast Liner products also contain channels which allow liquid to run out of the cast.

How do I shower with an AquaCast Liner?

If you are wearing an AquaCast liner with a fiberglass cast, there will be no need to use a plastic bag when you are showering. We recommend using the same soap which you used prior to your injury, and rinsing thoroughly with a forceful stream of clean water. Your skin should feel dry in one hour or less, depending on a number of factors such as temperature and humidity.

Will my skin be properly protected if I wear a waterproof cast liner?

Yes. AquaCast liners contain soft pillows which provide comfort to the wearer and protect the skin from the rigid fiberglass above it. Since the liner is non-absorbent, most of the water will run out of the cast, and any remaining water will evaporate.

Are there any activities I cannot do when wearing a waterproof cast liner?

Our waterproof cast liners were designed to help keep wearers be as active as their doctors permit them to be. Always consult with your healthcare provider on which activities should be avoided while you heal from your injury. 

Will my insurance cover the AquaCast liner material?

Since each practice or hospital charges differently, this will vary depending on your healthcare provider and insurance coverage. Whether or not your insurance covers it, however, a waterproof cast liner is generally a good investment, because it costs about as much as a cast protector, but can be worn in the shower and other situations.

Keep your injury safe and dry with our waterproof cast material

Our waterproof cast liners are made of soft, breathable material that allows you to get your cast wet. To learn more, visit our website here.

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