Useful Ideas to Function Normally While You Wear a Cast

Wearing a cast can be a drag, but cast care and maintenance don’t have to dictate your schedule and plans.

Don’t let your cast get in the way of your daily life; instead, use these simple ideas to make sure your cast-wearing life is as flexible as your fully healthy one!

Change your Wardrobe
The dressing and undressing process can become a major hassle if you’re stuck in a cast, but it doesn’t have to be – especially if you pick your clothes with care.

Pick out shirts with short sleeves or no sleeves, putting the shirt on over the cast first (even if that’s the reverse direction from how you normally do it!). This will give you the most flexibility possible and make sure you’re wearing clothes that fit correctly. If you don’t have the right kinds of clothes, stop by a Goodwill or Salvation Army store to pick up some temporary “injury specific” clothes that won’t break the bank.

Even with all the comfort cast padding can offer and your diligent attention to caring for your cast, we understand your ability to do simple tasks turn into daunting endeavors. Take writing and driving a car as examples. How you write will be severely limited while you’re wearing a cast on your writing hand, and the same goes for your ability to drive with a cast on any limb.

In fact, it’s usually recommended that people wearing casts don’t drive themselves depending on the injury (particularly with leg casts) and potential medication being taking. Check with your doctor for more information.

The quickest way around this is to communicate verbally for what you may need help with. People understand the limitations of wearing a cast and will usually respect and accommodate you while you’re wearing it. Try it out and see.  Just don’t abuse the privilege!

Choose Your Cast with Care
Choosing the right cast can mean the difference between an uninterrupted life and a much more disoriented one!

Wearing water proof casts and using comfortable cast padding will make sure you’re making it as easy for yourself as possible. Water proof casts in particular are very useful, as one of the biggest constraints with  non waterproof casts is the need to keep them dry. If you anticipate swimming or keeping up an active lifestyle in sports or recreational activities a waterproof cast removes that constraint. And, having the freedom to shower or bathe without worry of getting your cast wet is another advantage.

Do Your Research
No matter what you do to make your life in a cast easier, it helps to consult the professionals and to take the advice of people who work with casts all the time. Consult your local healthcare professional for more information.

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