Top 5 Benefits of a Waterproof Cast

Nicer weather breeds injuries with so many people being more active outside or with sports. Many of the injuries tend to be fractures and broken bones. While traditional casts formerly put a huge damper on the already unpleasant healing process, their waterproof counterparts have changed that. In fact, they are being used year round due to the numerous benefits and advantages of wearing a waterproof cast.

What Are Waterproof Casts Made Of?

Casts are always composed of two layers: a soft inner layer (that touches the skin) and a hard outer shell that immobilizes the bone(s). The outer layer of waterproof is typically made of fiberglass instead of old school plaster. The inner-layer is crucial in the design of waterproof casts, as it uses a material that does not absorb water.

Let’s look at only five of the many advantages of wearing a waterproof cast:

1. No More Awkward Bag Wrapping Necessary
Forget wrapping the cast in a plastic bag. No prep time is needed before jumping in the bath or shower.

2. Cleaner Cast, Cleaner Body
Because the person can wash their hands and bathe regularly, he/she (and the cast) stay cleaner.

3. No Micro Organisms, No Stench!
Unlike traditional casts, waterproof material is quick drying and does not harbor micro organisms. This means that the chances of developing a stinky stench are reduced.

4. Increased Durability
Waterproof casts are extremely durable, so the patient can return to their regular activities without worrying about damaging their cast.

5. Upping the Fun Factor
With durable and waterproof cast material, patients are not required to limit their summer time water-based activities. Swimming with a cast is officially back on the schedule!

Taking Care of a Waterproof Cast

Waterproof casts should get wet every day. Getting the cast wet everyday helps remove dead skin and other buildup from under the cast. It’s also important to cleanse by flushing with a foreceful stream of clean water after swimming with a cast in a chlorinated pool, being in a lake, or body of salt water. Ridding the cast of those elements will reduce the risk of irritating the skin, allowing the patient to be more comfortable.

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