Offer Your Patients the Choice

Every minute in a busy day counts.  You feel the pressure from doctors, nurses and patients. Faster. Faster. Faster. You spoke.  We listened.  We have made a number of changes from the original waterproof cast liner to make applying AquaCast Liner easier for you and your team.  Let’s face it – you just don’t have the same amount of time with patients anymore.  We understand that and have made improvements to help you cast your patients more quickly. Imagine having a patient thank you for putting on a cast.  If you use AquaCast Liner, when your patients return, you’ll hear comments like: “I was able to take a shower.”; “You saved my vacation!”; “It didn’t smell like the old one!”; “I was able to play in my game.”  You and your practice or hospital can benefit by referrals from happy patients – patients who were glad they were given the choice.

Offer your patient the best choice: AquaCast Liner.

We recognize that applying a cast is an art – if you want to learn the latest techniques, contact us today.  AquaCast Liner LLC offers flexible in-service training so that you will feel comfortable applying our products.  Click on our application videos below for methods that you can implement today. We have certified AquaCast Liner LLC trainers and provide seminars for orthopaedic techs, nurses, physician assistants, athletic trainers and others looking to improve their knowledge and bolster their careers.  To learn more about these sessions and how you can obtain Continuing Education Units (CEU), contact us.

Instructional Videos:

Short Arm AquaCast Application
Long Arm AquaCast Application
Short and Long Arm Applications with Joe P.
Short Leg AquaCast Application
Short Arm AquaCast Application with Cuff
Ulna Gutter or Boxer’s Cast AquaCast Application
Thumb Spica AquaCast Application
Hipster® Pantaloon® Liner AquaCast Application

All AquaCast Liner products are not made with natural rubber latex.

“We were using Gore® Procel and started using AquaCast Liner when it came on the market last year. All of our techs find it easier to use than Procel. The skin condition of our patients is much better with this product than with anything we’ve ever used, including the Gore®. Our practice recommends the use of AquaCast to our patients. It has become our standard of care.”

Joe P., OTC,
Cleveland, Ohio Orthopaedic Clinic

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