Research Shows that the AquaCast Liner is Extremely Effective

Has a broken bone gotten you or your child down? Are simple tasks like bathing just too much of a struggle? Surely there is a better way to walk the road toward recovery. Cue waterproof casts.

In the past, it has been nearly impossible to maintain good hygiene with a cast. Made of cotton and plaster, they would absorb water and sweat, harboring micro organism. This lead to the development of the omnipresent ‘cheese smell’ that many people know of from previous injuries. The limitations of the previous designs and materials made it nearly impossible to shower with a cast, unless you used a cast cover or large plastic bag or left one of your limbs extended out of the shower. None of these sound comfortable or appealing.

What is an AquaCast Liner?

Unlike traditional casts, an AquaCast liner is made from synthetic waterproof materials. Using fiber glass for the hard outer shell and waterproof lining materials, scientists have been able to create waterproof casts. In addition to being just as durable as traditional models, these allow you to shower with a cast, in addition to participating in all your favorite water activities, like swimming and going to the water park. Plus, getting caught in a rain storm will no longer require a mad dash to shelter in order to protect the integrity of your cast.

What Does the Research Show?

Studies have affirmed that the AquaCast liner is extremely effective in providing stable, structural integrity to the wounded area (need a reference)*, all while being comfortable to wear. After getting wet, the liner takes a short time to dry. The liners can be washed to rinse away any dead skin or contamination brought upon by swimming. This is the only product of its kind that truly allows the injured party to keep the fracture stabilized while still living life and practicing good hygiene with a cast.

To transform your healing journey, speak with your doctor about the full line of AquaCast Liner products for a more enjoyable healing experience while wearing a cast.

* A prospective study on the effectiveness of cotton versus waterproof cast padding in maintaining the reduction of pediatric distal forearm fractures.  I would have this link to the study

Robert CE, Jiang JJ, Khoury JG.

J Pediatr Orthop. 2011 Mar;31(2):144-9

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