Pros and Cons of a Waterproof Cast

Did you know it’s possible to bathe, shower, and even swim while wearing waterproof casts for broken bones?

It is!

Waterproof cast padding is applied on the inside of a traditional fiberglass cast. The impressive technology eliminates many of the issues associated with casts and places fewer restrictions on you while wearing the cast.

Pros of a Waterproof Cast

There are several benefits of a waterproof cast. We’ve listed them below, so you can make the best decision concerning your injury.

1. The cast will dry completely after getting wet and, for some waterproof casts, there are no special procedures to follow to accomplish full dryness. Factors that may affect how fast the cast dries include body temperature, humidity, and ambient temperature.

2. Another benefit of waterproof casts for broken bones is it won’t trap moisture or sweat like a traditional fiberglass cast lined with cotton or synthetic cast padding. This typically means less  odors associated than with traditional casts.

3. Itchiness is a normal part of wearing a cast. With a waterproof cast, the itching is reduced; but in the event that itching does occur, you can rinse out with soap and water to alleviate the discomfort.

Cons Associated with a Waterproof Cast

While there are amazing benefits associated with waterproof casts, it would be misleading to let you believe there are no issues. Check out the problems associated with this material and you’ll be able to make a great decision.

1. Not all insurance companies cover waterproof cast padding so an additional out of pocket payment might be required.

2. Like most things in life, a little common sense is required. You’ll have to rinse out the cast after getting it wet to ensure that soap, chlorine, or other dirt and debris are not left in the cast which can irritate the skin.

Are you ready to order your waterproof cast today? Contact us for more information or speak with your physician about having one applied to your broken bone.

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