Hipster Liners


AquaCast™ Hipster™ Liners (sometimes called Pantaloons) are one-piece, waterproof, breathable liners made with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) that create a barrier between the skin and cast padding used in hip and shoulder spica casts.  AquaCast Hipster Liners are available in pediatric and adult sizes.

Wearing a Hip Spica Cast is tough for the patient and the family.  Skin excoriation is a significant problem encountered by children who are confined to hip spica casts.  This condition can result in discomfort, odor and a host of other complications related to patient hygiene.  Why go through this or, as a healthcare professional, put your patients through that experience when there is a cost effective solution?  AquaCast™ Hipster™ Liners (Pantaloons)

The answer to better skin health under hip spica casts is the AquaCast Hipster Protective Liner.  The waterproof (ePTFE) surface of the liner facilitates the cleaning of urine and excrement from the skin.  Furthermore, skin stays drier because residual moisture evaporates through the liner.  The use of Hipster Liners reduces the need for recasting, which eliminates the costly expense of an additional round of anesthesia.

This product has quickly become a hospital favorite for both hip and shoulder spica patients. You can choose to add AquaCast Liner rolls to make these casts completely waterproof.

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Hipster Brochure with Skin Excoriation Graph


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