Saw Stop DE-FLEX Cast Removal Aids

Stress and anxiety are often felt by your patients when using a cast saw to remove a cast from an arm or leg. Occasionally patients are cut or burned by the cast saw blade. AquaCast® SawStop® DE-FLEX® Protective Strips have been engineered for healthcare professionals to remove any cast with confidence. Our cast removal aids provide an added layer of protection against cuts and burns from the cast saw and can be used with any type of cast without adding bulk.

AquaCast Liner has developed a full line of cast removal aids. Our SawStop DE-FLEX Protective Strips are waterproof, tough, flexible ribbons. Additionally, we offer two sizes of the popular Zip Stick, including a new smaller, pediatric size.

Two recent studies illustrate the effectiveness of training and protective strip usage to reduce cast saw injuries.

Read about a Nationwide Children’s Hospital that uses Saw Stop DE-FLEX strip on every cast to improve patient safety. Saw Stop DE-FLEX Strip Study

Here is a link to Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s web site with the article referenced above. 

A 2016 study illustrated the reduction in cast saw injuries when a protective strip is used.  The article can be found here.

Saw Stop® DE-FLEX® Protective Strip

This proprietary blue material is used in circumstances where the cast technician feels a layer of protection is needed.  The material is designed to work with AquaCast Liner material to dry quickly even after being immersed in water.  Available in 10 foot rolls of 1-1/4 inch wide protective strip, the rolls feature adhesive backing for ease of application. ORDER NOW

Saw Stop® DE-FLEX® White Protective Strip

This material provides all of the protection of our trademark SawStop DE-FLEX Protective Strip, but is more conformable and dries more rapidly.  It should be used in the most demanding applications. Available in 10 foot rolls of 1-1/4 inch wide protective strip, the rolls feature adhesive backing for ease of application. ORDER NOW

SawStop® Zip Sticks

These durable devices are utilized when the SawStop DE-FLEX Protective Strip is not in place, or if the technician removing the cast feels an additional layer of protection is needed.  The Zip Stick is slipped between the cast and the patient to provide the ultimate level of protection.  For ease of use, we suggest putting a dab of petroleum jelly on the end of the zip stick to facilitate it sliding between the cast and patient.  Two sizes are offered: Standard and Mini. Please note color may vary (white or blue). ORDER NOW

AquaCast SawStop strips are the perfect replacement other protective strips.

All AquaCast Liner products are not made with natural rubber latex.

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