Why You Should Not Wear a Cast Cover

Why get a cast cover when you can have a waterproof cast?

You can sweat, shower and swim in our AquaCast Liner – immediately – without the hassle of having to put on a cover.  Each time.  Every time.  See how it works.

Why wear a bag when you can have a TRULY waterproof cast?  Don’t take the chance of the cast cover failing, getting your cast wet, and having to get another cast applied.  Think of the benefits:

  • Ready to go when you are
  • No bag to wear EACH and EVERY time
  • About the same cost and a LOT more convenient
  • Wash hands to protect yourself from germs
  • Sweat.  Shower.  Swim.  In an AquaCast Liner

Ask your healthcare professional about AquaCast Liners. Order Now.

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