Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Why would you wear a waterproof cast? Perhaps a better question might be, “Why would you NOT wear a waterproof cast?”

When was the last time you jumped into a pool wearing your jeans? Most people wear a bathing suit. Also, it’s unusual to see people working out in cotton T-shirts when apparel like Nike Dry Fit or Under Armour is so much better for when you’re sweating. The materials don’t absorb water and are highly breathable and dry very quickly. AquaCast Liner padding works in a similar fashion.

Let’s face it, wearing a cast is not much fun, especially after the first few days, when you come to the realization that life’s normal activities are hard to do: washing your hands, taking a shower or bath, jumping in a pool, or even just being able to wash yourself after a vigorous activity.

Whether you are a patient, the parent of a patient or a healthcare provider, life in a waterproof AquaCast Liner cast is MUCH easier than wearing a traditional cast. Click on the stories below to learn more about these patients’ experience in an AquaCast Liner and see why 98.6% of patients would recommend AquaCast to a friend.

Lacrosse Player Wears AquaCast – Goes to Princeton

Hip Dysplasia in an AquaCast helps Mom and Dad Sleep

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