Overview of Waterproof Cast Company, AquaCast Liner

AquaCast®Liner  an Amazing Waterproof Cast Liner

Waterproof casts for broken bones have not always been available. A broken bone in the arm, leg, hand or foot often requires that the patient wear a cast on the affected area to stabilize the injury while it heals. This often takes a month and sometimes more depending on the severity of the injury.

Many years ago, this meant a plaster cast with some kind of soft padding, usually cotton, underneath. These casts had to remain dry at all times because water or moisture could easily compromise the strength of the plaster. Additionally, if the cotton underneath the cast got wet, there was no way to dry it, resulting in skin issues.

Waterproof Protection

Although fiberglass cast material is waterproof, unless the liner underneath it is also waterproof, then the entire cast area must be kept dry. AquaCast waterproof cast liners provide amazing freedom for cast wearers of all ages. AquaCast is a true innovator when it comes to unique ideas for waterproof casts for broken bones.

AquaCast is an industry leader in the field of waterproof cast liners. In many medical practices, it replaced the Gore Procel® Cast Liner (sometimes referred to as GORE-TEX®), which was discontinued in 2012 by its manufacturer. This discontinuation for strategic business reasons created an uproar in the orthopedic community.  AquaCast offers SawStop® Protective Strips to minimize patient complications during cast removal. The SawStop strips are integrated into the AquaCast liner and serve as a removal guide, as described here:  https://aquacastliner.com/products/cast-removal-aids/

The AquaCast liner material is gently rolled onto the skin by a physician or cast technician, creating a waterproof breathable padding layer between the skin and the fiberglass cast that is then applied over the liner.

AquaCast Liner is Superior

AquaCast waterproof liners are is far superior to cotton liners:

  • AquaCast is completely waterproof. Any moisture caught underneath the liner will drain from the cast ends or vaporize and pass through the liner, leaving the skin dry in about an hour.
  • Bathing and showering can be done as usual. You can even swim with an AquaCast lined cast! The fiberglass cast will remain strong, immobilizing your fracture as intended.
  • Constant moisture underneath a cast can lead to skin maceration, breakdown and itching. AquaCast Liner promotes skin integrity the whole time the cast needs to be worn.
  • Think of how dirty a cast can get. Casts come in contact with unsanitary surfaces all day. With AquaCast Liner, the entire cast can be washed inside and out as often as needed. Shedding skin cells are swept away instead of accumulating on the skin’s surface.
  • If you live in an area where there’s a lot of rain or snow, you don’t have to worry about protecting your cast against the elements. Let that snowball fly if you want to!

Allergen alert: AquaCast Waterproof Cast Liners do not contain any form of natural rubber or its latex, so it is typically fine to use for patients with latex allergies.

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