Our Most Popular Waterproof Cast Liners and Cast Removal Aids

AquaCast® waterproof cast liners replace the cotton liners and stockinettes traditionally used beneath fiberglass casts, giving patients the freedom to continue their normal daily activities such as bathing and showering.

Developed by engineers and OTCs from across the U.S., in conjunction with an orthopaedic surgeon, AquaCast Liner has become the #1 choice for hospitals and practices that wish to provide the best cast materials possible to their patients. Below are some of the most popular products we offer.

AquaCast Liner Rolls

AquaCast Liner Rolls are breathable, waterproof cast liners made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). This unique construction allows water to drain quickly from the cast after the wearer bathes, showers, or swims. Any residual moisture will evaporate through the material. Each roll is 66” long, and can be purchased in widths of 2”, 3” , 4” and 6”. AquaCast Liner Rolls are easy to apply, and have been shown to foster a positive skin condition in 94% of trial patients. Click here to view more information about our Liner Roll products!

AquaCast Form Fit Liner System

The Form Fit Liner System is a convenient, one-piece waterproof cast liner which can be placed beneath fiberglass short arm casts in lieu of traditional cotton padding. Like our Liner Rolls, the Form Fit Liner is made of waterproof expanded ePTFE material. The Form Fit Liner cannot be pulled or removed from the cast by the patient, making it ideal for children or patients with special needs.

AquaCast Hipster® Pantaloon® Liners

AquaCast Hipster Pantaloon Liners are one-piece, waterproof, breathable cast liners, again made with ePTFE, that can be placed between the skin and padding used in hip and shoulder spica casts. When a Hipster Pantaloon liner is used under a hip spica cast, the incidence of skin excoriation is significantly lowered. Our Hipster Pantaloon Liners are available in both pediatric and adult sizes, and our new, patented design allows for easier cuffing, better fit, and less bunching of material.

AquaCast Cast Removal Aids

Many patients often experience anxiety during the cast removal process. We offer several cast removal aids to help healthcare professionals remove casts with increased confidence and decreased cut or burn incidents. Even if you are an experienced professional when it comes to cast removal, just seeing the removal aid in use can help calm nervous patients.

This effect is especially useful in pediatric environments to help juvenile patients stay calm and still. Click here to view a study by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital which demonstrated a reduction in cast saw injuries when an AquaCast® Saw Stop® DE-FLEX™ Protective Strips were used!

AquaCast® produces the highest-quality waterproof cast material in today’s healthcare market. To place an order for our products, contact us today.

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