New and Improved Technology Makes AquaCast Liner a Step Above

A Better Type of Cast

AquaCast Liner is a company that makes a new type of cast that makes life easier for doctors and patients alike. Using waterproof cast materials that are easy to apply, covered by  waterproof fiberglass, the casts differ from traditional plaster casts in a way that benefits everyone.

1. Easy to Apply

The application of the casts is quick and straightforward. Their website has numerous instructional videos of how to apply these casts efficiently. Unlike traditional casts, their casts do not need an application of a stockinette before the padding is rolled onto the patient. Consequently, in many instances, this makes the application process shorter for doctors and their patients.

2. Easy to Live

Having a broken bone can make everything in life more difficult. But with the AquaCast liners, bathing with a cast does not need to be one of those things. While most casts cannot get wet, these are made with waterproof cast liners and waterproof cast materials that make bathing with a cast possible without having to worry about disrupting your healing process. Water can get to your skin and still dry without damaging the cast.  This is possible because the lining will not pick up any water and allows moisture vapor to pass through the cast.

3. Easy to Heal

Not only do these casts make it easier to live your normal life, but they help promote an easier transition to normalcy once the cast is removed. AquaCast Liner incorporates a layer between the cast and cast liner called Saw Stop® strip.  This strip is specifically designed to make it easier for the cast to be removed once your bones have healed.  It reduces the likelihood of cuts or burns from the cast saw during cast removal. Additionally, since water can safely reach your skin through the cast, the skin underneath will often be healthier than if you had a non-waterproof cast.

If you are considering using one of these casts for yourself or for your patients, you can find more information on their website, or you can contact them with any questions about their full line of waterproof cast material products and how to use them. Be sure to also speak with your doctor or representative about the benefits and costs of a waterproof cast solution for your broken leg, arm, wrist and more.

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