Low-Impact Water Activities to Enjoy This Summer

If you’re healing from an injury or experiencing chronic pain, it can be hard or near impossible to participate in fun water activities this summer, even though you’d much rather be splashing around with everyone else than sitting on the couch. Below are some low-impact water activities you can do this summer that won’t risk agitating your injury, and can help you stay healthy and fit to boot! As always, check with your doctor to make sure it’s o.k. before you participate.


As long as you have at least one working arm, you can enjoy this relaxing, peaceful activity. Just because fishing doesn’t get your heart rate up doesn’t mean it’s not healthy: Stress-decreasing activities like fishing have been proven to have numerous health benefits. Plus, fish is good for your body, too!


It does take some muscle to push, pull, and hoist a sail, so if you’re healing from an injury, this is a water activity you’ll want to do with some able-bodied friends. Being out on the water has tons of psychological benefits, though, even if you aren’t able to reap the cardiovascular rewards. The waves, wind and salt air can generate a soothing, calming effect. The increased happiness and relaxation should also help your body feel better.

Boat Tours

Most lakes and marinas offer slow-moving boat rides where guests can simply relax and enjoy the scenery, and possibly learn some interesting facts about the area’s history and wildlife. Boat tours are great opportunities for photographers and birdwatchers, and some tour companies offer exciting additions like live music, food & drinks, and on-board animal exhibitions with outreach educators.

Pedal Boating

If your legs are sturdy enough to pedal, this is a great way to get out and get active on the water. These human-powered craft are a great alternative to real boats in a number of ways: There’s no loud, smelly engine to disturb you or the fish; no expensive gas tank to fill; and no repairs to make.

Keep Your Injury Safe and Dry with Waterproof Cast Material

If you need a cast for a broken bone, make sure to invest in waterproof cast material so you can enjoy all these water activities and more! Our waterproof cast liners are made of soft, breathable material that allows you to get your cast wet. To learn more, visit our website here.

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