How Waterproof Casts Can Keep Athletes in the Game

In the past, if you were an athlete who sustained an injury during a game, you may have been out of luck. Your only choice was to sit on the proverbial bench for the next few weeks or months while your sprain or fracture healed. Thanks to modern medical innovations, however, that’s not necessarily the case. Keep reading to learn how waterproof casts and waterproof cast liner material can keep you on the court, track, or field!

How Waterproof Casts Help Sports Injuries

Firstly, it’s important to understand that not all sprains and fractures can be treated with a waterproof cast. In some instances, a plaster cast (which disintegrates when it contacts water) is better able to treat the affected area, as opposed to a fiberglass cast (a plastic-like material that resists water). Only your physician can determine whether a plaster cast or a fiberglass cast is the best choice to treat your injury.

If he or she does choose to apply a fiberglass cast, you’re in luck! Fiberglass casts can be made fully waterproof by placing a waterproof cast lining underneath. This is a sheet of flexible, breathable material which quickly moves moisture away from the skin, allowing the cast to drain and dry rapidly. Instead of becoming waterlogged, the cast will only become wet on the inner and outer surfaces, and quickly dry.

situation. If your physician determines that a waterproof liner cannot be applied to your injury, he or she will choose a lining made of soft cotton or synthetic padding, which will unfortunately not be waterproof, and will need to be covered when you shower, swim or bathe.

The Benefits of Waterproof Casts for Athletes

If you do receive a fiberglass cast, and a waterproof cast liner underneath it, your recovery period will be much easier and more convenient than it would be otherwise. With a waterproof cast, you will be able to do the following things without worrying:

  • Showering and bathing
  • Washing beneath the cast (resulting in better hygiene and less odor)
  • Swimming (if permitted by your doctor)
  • Performing activities that create excessive sweat (if permitted by your doctor)

Thanks to waterproof cast lining material, you may not have to sit out while you wait for your injury to heal. As long as your doctor has given you his or her approval, you can get back in the game and sweat without worry of damaging your cast.

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