How to Tell If Your Dog Has Broken a Bone

If your dog is limping or behaving strangely, you may wonder if he or she has a fractured bone. Although the only way to know for certain is by having a licensed veterinarian perform X-Rays, below are some common symptoms to watch out for.

Common Indicators of a Broken Bone

Your dog may have a broken bone if he or she has:  

  • Difficulty moving a limb, or pain and stiffness when moving
  • Swelling and bruising around the limb
  • Shortening, bending, or twisting of the limb
  • A limb with an unusually wide range of movement
  • Unusual lumps, bumps, or depressions
  • Tenderness and pain at the site of the injury

What to Do if You Suspect Your Dog is Injured

Always go to a veterinarian as soon as you notice one or more of the symptoms above. As we mentioned in the introduction, only X-rays can show exactly what conditions are present. The sooner you seek care, the easier and more inexpensive the treatment will be.

Never attempt to fix a dislocated joint or reposition a limb yourself, as you risk causing further damage to the animal. If there is profuse bleeding, try to control it with gauze or another absorbent material. Lastly, try to move the limb as little as possible as you transport the animal to the veterinarian.

Helping Your Dog Recover with AquaCast® Waterproof Casts for Dogs

Helping an animal recover from a broken bone can be challenging. However, utilizing a waterproof cast liner can make the process much easier. A waterproof cast will allow your dog to go outside to relieve himself without risking that the cast will become waterlogged, possibly causing skin maceration. Animal waterproof casts can also be washed, allowing for better sanitation and less odor, among other things. If your dog has a broken bone, ask your veterinarian if it is possible to apply a waterproof cast to the site of the injury (unfortunately, not all fractures qualify for a waterproof cast).   

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AquaCast® Liner has provided this information to serve as helpful guidance for pet owners. It is not in any way a substitute for professional veterinary advice. We do not accept responsibility for any mistreatment or misdiagnosis of an animal. Always defer to the advice of a licensed veterinary practitioner when treating your pet.

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