How to Help Patients Overcome Cast Removal Anxiety

For some patients, the prospect of cast removal can be a cause of anxiety. As you undoubtedly know if you are a medical practitioner, there is little to fear, as cast saws were designed with patient protection in mind. However, it’s hard for some patients to override their fear instinct when they see someone approach them with a loud saw. In today’s blog post, we propose some ideas for how to mitigate these fears in patients.

Educate the Patient About Cast Saws

If a patient is worried about their cast removal, it can be helpful to explain to them how the cast saw works. Cast saws are uniquely designed to minimize the possibility of cutting patients. The cast cutter not rotate, like a circular saw blade, but instead oscillates back and forth about a quarter of an inch. The blade has difficulty cutting anything soft, like cast padding, waterproof cast liners, or skin, but works easily on hard plaster or fiberglass.

Use a Cast Removal Aid

One good way to protect the patient from the cast saw is to use a cast removal aid, which adds a barrier between the patient and the saw. Even if you are an experienced cast technician and do not need the tool for assistance, it can help the patient relax, which will help make the removal process easier. 

Provide Hearing Protection

For many people, especially children or adults with special needs, the scariest part of the cast saw is the loud noise it makes. This is why it may be a good idea to stock earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones in your treatment room. You might also provide the patient with a distraction, such as a video on a tablet. 

Take Care of Your Patients with AquaCast Waterproof Cast Removal Aid!

If you are reading this blog, you obviously care for your patients’ comfort and want the very best for them. AquaCast’s Saw Stop®DE-FLEX™ strip has been clinically shown to reduce cast saw injuries when used correctly. 

Additionally, if it is possible to prescribe one, a waterproof cast can greatly relieve the discomfort, stress, and risk a patient would otherwise experience with traditional cast padding. To order AquaCast’s waterproof cast liner products for your patients, click here.

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