How to Combat a Stinky Cast with AquaCast® Liner’s Pro Advice

Most people who have worn a cast have wondered the same thing: how can you remove odors from your cast? Casts are useful treatments – they can help a broken bone heal properly or immobilize a part of your body following surgery.

Unfortunately, they often smell after a while, especially in kids and athletes. Part of the problem causing the smell is the need to keep the cast dry from water or perspiration. Read on for tips from AquaCast Liner about keeping your cast clean, dry and un-smelly if you did not choose to have a waterproof cast applied.

Cover the Cast

Use a waterproof cover to protect your cast and keep it dry. The more you prevent moisture from getting into the cast, the less it will smell. Yes, you can use items from around your house, like plastic bags, but the best way to keep your cast dry is to buy a product that’s specially designed for that purpose, so ask your physician about a cast cover solution.

Limit Exercise

Keeping water away from your cast only solves one problem. Another thing that will cause your cast to smell is sweat. While this can be difficult for athletes, it’s best to limit the amount of exercise you do while wearing the cast. When you can’t simply skip your workouts or sports practices, the best thing is using a waterproof cast padding material applied by your doctor.

Ask for a New Cast

When cast covers and other tactics don’t work or your cast becomes smelly, you may need to ask your doctor for a new cast. If your cast is loose or soft it will not hold your broken bone or the odor has become unbearable – it can and should be replaced.

Your best option is to prevent the cast from getting smelly in the first place. Once your cast starts to smell, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of the odors.  The best part of wearing a waterproof cast is that you will be able to wash it out with soap and water.

Need more advice about how to remove odors from your cast? Want to talk with someone about getting a waterproof cast liner? Contact AquaCast Liner today!

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