How Pediatricians Can Benefit from Waterproof Cast Liners

As spring approaches, many medical practitioners begin considering which items they will need for the coming season. As experienced practitioners know, the warmer it becomes, the more sports will be played and the more injuries will occur!

While you’re stocking up on cast tape, rubber gloves, and other key items, consider adding waterproof casts and waterproof cast liners to your inventory. Though not all patients qualify for them, AquaCast® waterproof cast liner material can help greatly ease the recovery process for those who do. Keep reading to learn why children’s hospitals and practitioners across the country keep a steady supply of AquaCast.

What’s Great About Waterproof Cast Liners for Kids?

Casts are made up of two layers: A soft inner layer, and a hard outer shell. Waterproof cast liners make up the soft inner layer, protecting the skin from abrasion against the outer shell. Waterproof cast liners are made from a special material that doesn’t absorb water, yet is moisture- and vapor-permeable, a quality often described as “breathable”.

Waterproof casts offer all the benefits of traditional casting, plus the following additional benefits:

  • Can be flushed out with clean water, causing less mildew and bacteria to develop than is common in traditional casts. (Note: This also means they usually don’t lead to as much odor as traditional casts!)
  • Reduces prep time before bathing and showering, since it is not necessary to cover the cast to prevent it from getting wet.
  • Allows the child to bathe regularly, resulting in better health and hygiene overall.
  • Reduces likelihood of recasting due to wet casts. Recasting is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Stock Your Practice with AquaCast Waterproof Casts for Children!

Not all situations and fractures are well-suited for a waterproof cast liner, but if you determine that a patient qualifies for one, everyone benefits. Parents will have less stress and worry that the cast might get wet and require recasting; practitioners will see happy patients with above-average skin health; and the patients themselves can live a healthier, more active lifestyle. To learn more about AquaCast’s unique range of waterproof cast products, click here!

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