How Horses & Other Domesticated Animals Benefit from Waterproof Casts

Accidents happen to animals every day that involve broken bones or severe sprains. It can be difficult to help them through the healing process, but it is much easier when a waterproof cast is used. These casts allow for the horses, dogs, cats, and other animals to remain active with no worry that a soggy cast need to be replaced.

AquaCast Liner’s waterproof casts have been used for years for animal injuries by Veterinarians.  Listed below are some of the benefits owners can realize with animal waterproof casts.

Getting it Wet

Horses and companion animals that go outside are exposed to various weather conditions. This means that moisture can get under the cast. Animal waterproof casts are designed to get wet without any damage to the cast or cast padding.


The advantages of a waterproof cast with AquaCast® liner include:

  • Allows for Cleaning of the Cast and Limb
  • Less Odor
  • Less Friction
  • Minimal Layers Required
  • Available in rolls up to 6 inches wide
  • Waterproof and Breathable – means less recasting due to water damage
  • Works with all Fiberglass and plaster of Paris cast

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are active and can be hard to keep an eye on after an injury. Dog waterproof casts are the best choice for canines. Most dogs have to go outside to relieve themselves and inclement weather can be a problem. Additionally, the patients can washed and maintain a more normal hygiene routine without fear of damaging the cast.


Cast padding is used to protect the animal’s skin under the cast. It makes the cast more comfortable to wear and adds a layer of protection.  Sores can develop from rubbing and pressure if the cast lies directly against the skin. In the past, cotton or polyester have been used for this padding.  These materials tend to hold water which can lead to skin issues or skin breakdown if the cast gets wet.  New waterproof padding materials are being manufactured. These padding materials, combined with the waterproof fiberglass cast materials, help minimize skin issues and the need for recasting casts that get wet.


Getting animals the proper care they need and keeping them safe is always a high priority for pet owners. The waterproof casting option offers a way to make a cast that horses and domesticated animals wear much easier to maintain. This technology does not require that you keep your pet dry all of the time.

Product Line

The AquaCast Liner product line has been developed specifically for application on humans and animals that need a waterproof cast. The benefits of waterproof casts for animals outlined above are numerous. Consider a waterproof cast and cast padding in case of an emergency with your horse, dog or cat and ask your Vet about AquaCast Liner products, so your fur babies can remain active and heal properly!

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