How AquaCast® Liner Cast Removal Aids Can Decrease Cast Removal Injuries

Did you know that, in addition to our premier waterproof cast liner products, AquaCast Liner also stocks a wide range of cast removal aids? It’s true! Our cast removal aids help healthcare professionals across the world confidently remove casts from patients, decreasing instances of injury and easing patient anxiety. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing, proven benefits of our cast removal products.

Reduce Cuts & Burns with AquaCast® SawStop® DE-FLEX® Strips

Although oscillating cast saws are generally a safe and effective cast removal tool, abrasive injuries and burns can occasionally occur. Our SawStop DE-FLEX Protective Strips were engineered to provide an additional layer of protection between the cast saw and the patient, mitigating injuries from blade-to-skin contact and heat exposure.

Multiple studies have confirmed that correct application of SawStop DE-FLEX Strips can decrease instances of cast removal injury. In a 2017 study by Nationwide Children’s Hospital, one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the United States, researchers found that mandated use of Saw Stop DE-FLEX Strips, combined with new training and procedures, reduced cast injuries by up to 90.7%. In an additional study published in leading medical journal Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, researchers found that use of SawStop DE-FLEX Strips reduced instances of blade-to-skin contact when applied to life-sized arm models. They also found that the safety strips decreased heat transfer during cast removal, preventing temperatures from reaching 50 °C (122° F). This indicates that cast removal strips can likely reduce burn instances in real-life applications.

Get Even More Protection With AquaCast SawStop Zip Sticks

AquaCast also offers SawStop Zip Sticks, a cast removal aid that provides additional protection for patients during cast removals. Simply slide the stick under the cast, and easily follow the path that is created with the cast saw. For extra ease of use, we suggest placing a dab of petroleum jelly (or another skin-safe lubricant) on the end of the zip stick to allow it to easily slide between the cast and patient. The SawStop Zip Stick can provide the ultimate level of protection for patients who are especially anxious about cast removal, or technicians who want an extra layer of protection.

Order The World’s Best Cast Removal Aids from AquaCast Liner

AquaCast is proud to be the leading supplier of waterproof cast liners and cast removal aids to hospitals and practicioners around the world. To learn more about our products or place an order for your practice, please click here.

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