Veterinarians: Help Your 4-Legged Patients with Waterproof Casts

Helping an animal recover from a severe sprain or broken bone can be a challenge for even the most experienced veterinarians. However, utilizing a waterproof cast liner can make the process much easier. Below are a few ways AquaCast® Liner helps horses, dogs, cats, and other animals stay as active and healthy as possible while they recover.

Permit Animal to Go Outdoors

One of the biggest drawbacks of applying a traditional plaster cast to a horse, dog, or companion animal is taking the animal outdoors. Dogs must go outdoors to urinate, and horses and other animals must typically get some exercise and fresh air to stay healthy. Dewy grass, rain, puddles, and other adverse weather conditions can cause the cast to become wet and disintegrate, in which case the injury will need to be recast, which is expensive and time-consuming. Animal waterproof casts solve this problem by permitting the animal to go outdoors in wet conditions without risk to the cast.  

Add Comfort and Protection to the Injury

If a cast is applied directly to an animal’s skin without any padding, the rubbing and pressure can cause sores to develop. Therefore, materials like cotton and polyester are placed under the rigid cast material to prevent sores from developing. However, these materials tend to hold water, which can lead to skin issues or cause disintegration if the cast gets wet. Waterproof cast liners for horses, dogs, and other animals provide the comfort and protection of traditional padding, while minimizing these risks.

Allow for Easier Cleaning, Reducing Odor and Infection

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of waterproof casts for horses and dogs is that they allow for easier cleaning and, therefore, greater sanitation. Since the caretaker or veterinary practitioner does not have to worry about keeping the cast dry, it is easier to wash out dead skin and debris. This, in turn, decreases the likelihood of infections and related odor.

Order AquaCast Waterproof Casts for Veterinarians Today!

AquaCast has provided waterproof cast solutions to the animal health market since we were first founded. If you are in need of waterproof, breathable cast material for horses, dogs, farm animals, and other animals, please don’t hesitate to browse our range of products. Together, we can help your patients remain clean and healthy as possible while they heal!

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