How a Waterproof Cast Keeps Athletes In the Game

Traditionally, when you were an athlete and broke a bone, you were just out of luck. You’d be on the bench for the next few weeks or months while your broken bone healed since you could not get your cast wet or dirty. Thanks to modern technology and innovations made in the medical field, that’s not necessarily the case nowadays.

Waterproof Cast
One of the most innovative types of medical products to hit the market is the water proof cast. As its name implies, the waterproof cast is a cast that is indeed waterproof and allows the user to get the cast wet. This means that you can get back in the game and sweat without worry of damaging your cast.

How Does It Work?
You’re probably wondering how they were able to do this after so many years. You’ve always heard that it’s important to sit still and exert yourself as little as possible when you have a cast on so that you don’t get your cast all wet with sweat. Well, the secret to how a waterproof cast works lies within the waterproof cast padding.

Traditionally, casts have a cotton or synthetic padding against the skin, but waterproof casts have a waterproof cast padding that is made from a breathable material that sheds water quickly and moves moisture away from the skin allowing it to drain and dry faster.

What Does This Mean for You?
By allowing the moisture to move  out of the cast, a waterproof cast allows you to experience the following:

  • Better hygiene with a cast. Everyone knows how important it is to practice good hygiene with a cast. You can wash your hands as well as rinsing the skin under the cast without worry.
  • No fear about ruining your cast. You won’t have to worry about ruining your cast. Cotton-lined casts are susceptible to becoming waterlogged if they get wet. If a standard cast does get wet, it almost always be replaced. Typically, insurance companies don’t want to pay for replacement casts due to patient negligence.

To learn more about waterproof casts, contact us today or speak with your physician about the many benefits and advantages of a waterproof cast for you or your children.

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