A Message of Hope and Gratitude From AquaCast® Waterproof Cast Liner


:the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. “she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support”

For over eight years, our mission at AquaCast Liner has been to provide high-quality products that bring comfort during an inconvenient time. When you break a bone, with our waterproof cast padding under the fiberglass, you’re able to live life more normally. You’re able to wash, shower, bathe, swim, or workout while wearing a cast. Because of coronavirus and Covid-19, these last few weeks have been challenging for everyone; even more so for those on the front lines battling the pandemic.

One of the casualties of this health crisis not often mentioned has been (and will be) non-profit organizations. Dave Slomkowski, a great friend and the founder of one such non-profit, Athletes Serving Athletes, began the mission of elevating the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility 13 years ago. In 2019, ASA helped almost 70 athletes compete in over 250 running events. Because of social distancing and the cancellation of myriad events, the athletes his organization serves have been unable to train or race. Their marquee fundraising event is on hold. There is uncertainty. Sadness. Fear. Isolation. Loss of hope. Emotions we have all felt recently.

AquaCast Liner has been a proud sponsor of this amazing non-profit since our founding. I received this video from Julia Kardian, an Athlete Serving Athletes director, and it’s a humbling reminder of just how fortunate we truly are, despite our current situation. Our three plus weeks of quarantine is nothing compared to the challenges these amazing athletes have dealt with their entire lives. These events bring joy and a sense of community these families treasure. The competition; the love; the “normal-ness” these events offer. I’ve never left a race dry-eyed or without having my perspective jolted around the high quality of my so-called problems.

“Isolation is hard and painful and affects our physical, emotional, and mental health in significant ways. During this unexpected time of social distancing,” noted ASA’s Julia Kardian, “it has been a reminder of how important and empowering our mission is to so many. We know that for our Athletes and their families, this experience is an everyday reality, not just “right now”.  More than ever, I am so proud to be a part of an organization that uplifts the lives of our ASA Athletes, their families, and our communities as a whole”. 

The world has changed and hopefully our humanity will be better because of this unique challenge. We have already seen so many positive examples from our healthcare workers, first responders, and so many other “forgotten” industries. When the dust settles on this pandemic, for what will we be remembered? Will it be for our behavior as an inspiration to others? To our children? Or, like the little boy in this cartoon, will we be remembered for panic, fear and toilet paper?

We have always been a people of hope. Perhaps now is a time to be even more grateful for what we have. And, in our own unique way, to share our good fortune with others so that they too, can remain hopeful.

–AquaCast Leadership Team

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