Patient FAQs

Can I get my cast wet?
Yes.  Unlike traditional cotton liners, the AquaCast Liner will not absorb water.  Your AquaCast Liner is a moisture vapor permeable, yet liquid-proof lining. It is designed with pillows to provide comfort and channels for liquids to run out of the cast.  The channels enable water to run out and any remaining liquid water will evaporate through the lining much like water evaporating off a pool deck on a warm summer day.

What do I need to order?
AquaCast Liner personnel will be happy to make suggestions about your cast lining needs, however you need to contact your doctor for specific answers.

Can I wash my cast?
Yes.  Washing inside your cast can reduce odors and irritation and improve the overall skin condition of the affected area.  Please use a mild hypo-allergenic soap and thoroughly rinse the area.  The materials in your AquaCast Liner will not be affected by most soaps or detergents. Consult your physician as to which soaps may be most appropriate for you.

Will it arrive in time for my doctor?
Please find out from your doctor’s office when they intend to put the cast on you.  Choose the appropriate shipping method and we’ll make sure to get it to you in time for your appointment.  Please call 1-855-WET-CAST if you need assistance in choosing the best shipping method.

Am I allowed to swim?
Yes.  Swimming in your AquaCast Liner is no problem.  When you get out of the water it is recommended that you rinse with clean, fresh water and remove as much of the water as possible to reduce drying times.

Can I exercise?
Yes.  There are no issues with sweating or perspiring in an AquaCast Liner.  The material will not be affected by the salts or body oils in your perspiration.  After extensive sweating in your cast, it is recommended that you rinse thoroughly with clean, fresh water and a mild hypo-allergenic soap.

How do I dry my cast?
Many factors go into the amount of time it will take for your cast to dry, but in most cases, it should be sufficiently dry in less than 90 minutes.  Factors that affect drying time include the ambient temperature and humidity levels as well as your body temperature and activity level.  You can reduce the drying time by maximizing the draining of the liquid water from your cast after you are out of the water.  Your doctor may have suggestions for how to do this.

How does it work?
Your AquaCast Liner contains billions of tiny pores which are much larger than moisture vapor molecules but much smaller than liquid water droplets.  The Liner remains dry and your skin gets wet.  Most of the water will drain quickly out of the ends of your cast.  Your body temperature heats ups the remaining water causing it to vaporize and pass through the liner and the casting tape.

Are AquaCast Products Latex Free?

Yes, all AquaCast Liner products are not made with natural rubber latex.

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