Cast Covers vs. Waterproof Cast Liners: Which is Better?

Waterproof cast liners can be placed underneath fiberglass casts, allowing wearers to wash, shower, and sometimes even swim without fear of causing disintegration. This in turn allows for better hygiene, reducing the risk of infection, odor, and discomfort. Below are some reasons why the vast majority of patients prefer waterproof cast liners over traditional casts which use cast covers.

Superior Convenience

One of the main drawbacks of wearing a cast cover over a cast is the hassle involved with putting it on. When your patient is getting ready for school or work in the morning, every second in which they have to stop to retrieve the cast cover and secure it is a second that puts them behind schedule. A waterproof cast liner is simply more convenient, as it allows your patient to shower, bathe, and be on his or her way without any stress.

Better Cost-Benefit

Some patients are under the impression that waterproof casts are expensive. However, this isn’t the case. In most instances, a waterproof cast liner and fiberglass cast cost about the same as a standard cast and cast cover. In addition, waterproof casts have a greater cost-benefit over time. If a cast cover fails and the cast gets wet, the cost of recasting can be very expensive and is rarely covered by insurance. Waterproof cast liners save your patient that expense and the added worry.

Decreased Risk

Every time your patient puts a cast cover on top of their cast to shower or bathe, there is a risk that the cover will fail and the cast will become waterlogged. The injury will then need to be recast, delaying your patient’s recovery time and putting your treatment plan behind schedule. A waterproof cast liner is much less risky! 

Help Your Patients Wash, Bathe, and Swim with AquaCast!

If it is possible to prescribe one, a waterproof cast can greatly relieve the discomfort, stress, and risk a patient would otherwise experience with traditional cast padding. To order AquaCast’s waterproof cast liner products for your patients, click here.

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