Can I Swim or Shower in a Cast?

Just because your body needs time to recover from a sprain or broken bone doesn’t mean the rest of your life has to come to a grinding halt. Everything from swimming with a cast to simple daily hygiene can be made easier with the right products during your recovery time.

Should I use a Cast Cover?

Sure, you can use a cast cover to protect from environmental factors like moisture, but there are a few things you must consider if you go this route. First, getting the correct size is absolutely critical. Also consider the need for additional layering, such as extra-large tube socks to pad between a fiberglass cast and the typical rubber of the cover. Another consideration is whether or not it’s designed for full immersion. Some cast covers can’t guarantee full waterproofing in an environment of extended, vigorous immersion, such as when swimming.

Should I use a Waterproof Cast?

On the other hand, if you don’t want to risk damaging a cast with a cast cover, ask your doctor about the availability of waterproof cast liners.

Waterproof cast liners are normally made of breathable material that allows for the evaporation of internally-generated moisture like perspiration while still being effectively waterproof to outside moisture sources. They can be fully immersed, with no impediments to actions such as swimming, as well.  One of the main benefits is being able to wash the affected area with soap and water, which can relieve itching and improve hygiene.

You don’t end up in a cast every day, so comfort and usability is more important than ever. Hopefully you’ve had the chance to review your options, and your doctor can offer a solution that fits your needs.

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