Quick Tips on How to Avoid an Itchy, Odorous Cast

Dealing with a broken bone can be a difficult process and everyone who has ever worn a cast, knows it can be a physical challenge sometimes. The good news is that there are many things that you can do to

Top 5 Benefits of a Waterproof Cast

Nicer weather breeds injuries with so many people being more active outside or with sports. Many of the injuries tend to be fractures and broken bones. While traditional casts formerly put a huge damper on the already unpleasant healing process,

Pros and Cons of a Waterproof Cast

Did you know it’s possible to bathe, shower, and even swim while wearing waterproof casts for broken bones? It is! Waterproof cast padding is applied on the inside of a traditional fiberglass cast. The impressive technology eliminates many of the

Advice from AquaCast® Liner on Waterproof Cast Care & Management

Care, Management, and Other Information for Waterproof Casts There was a time when a broken bone and cast care meant either no bathing or swimming, or a struggle with plastic bags, tape and perfect limb placement in order to swim

Decide On AquaCast When Needing a Waterproof Cast for Broken Bones

AquaCast® Liner wants to shares 5reasons to use waterproof casts for broken bones especially broken legs, broken arms, and broken wrists for kids and adults. 1. Waterproof casts allow the patient to wash with mild soap and water allowing patients

Your Summer is Saved By AquaCast® Liner’s Waterproof Cast Material

Getting hurt and becoming cast-ridden is a sure fire way to put a damper on a summer, right? Not anymore. All too often, kids (and adults, too!) miss out on their favorite summer activities because of the need for keeping

Want to Swim with a Cast? Now You Can With AquaCast Liner!

Waterproof liners are a bit more expensive than conventional padding, but are considered more comfortable by many patients and similar in terms of wear and healing time. For many people, waterproof liners are worth the small incremental cost because of

New and Improved Technology Makes AquaCast Liner a Step Above

A Better Type of Cast AquaCast Liner is a company that makes a new type of cast that makes life easier for doctors and patients alike. Using waterproof cast materials that are easy to apply, covered by  waterproof fiberglass, the

Waterproof Casts Are Helpful, Even if You Don’t Plan on Swimming

There’s no denying it: broken bones and the casts that accompany them are inconvenient. However, developments in the technology of cast construction have eliminated one element of inconvenience that used to plague cast-wearers since their creation. With waterproof casts, you

4 Reasons Why AquaCast Liners Are A Better Choice for Small Children

Summer sun and fun means more time playing outside, swimming, and generally having a great time with my family. However, this also inevitably leads to another, not-so-fun summer normality: cuts, bruises, and broken bones. When my kids are playing more,