Cast Covers vs. Waterproof Cast Liners: Which is Better?

Waterproof cast liners can be placed underneath fiberglass casts, allowing wearers to wash, shower, and sometimes even swim without fear of causing disintegration. This in turn allows for better hygiene, reducing the risk of infection, odor, and discomfort. Below are

Waterproof Cast Liners for Kids: How to Apply a Pediatric Hipster® Pantaloon™Liner

Few things are as tough as caring for a child with a hip or shoulder injury. Not only do you have to watch your child suffer pain and discomfort, but you also must face the challenge of keeping the area

Veterinarians: Help Your 4-Legged Patients with Waterproof Casts

Helping an animal recover from a severe sprain or broken bone can be a challenge for even the most experienced veterinarians. However, utilizing a waterproof cast liner can make the process much easier. Below are a few ways AquaCast® Liner

Prevent Complications With These Key Patient Cast Care Instructions

When patients are fitted with a cast or splint, the biggest threat to their recovery is usually themselves. Bathing improperly when not wearing a waterproof cast liner, trying to scratch an itch with a sharp object, and inserting ice cubes

How to Take Care of Patients Wearing a Cast | AquaCast® Waterproof Cast Material

As a medical professional, you have probably already learned how to take care of patients who are wearing a cast. However, if you need a quick refresher, our handy guide below can help. (*Please note that this information is not

What are Hipster® Pantaloon Liners?| AquaCast® Waterproof Cast Material 

If you are a medical professional, you have probably already heard of waterproof cast liners for arm and leg fractures. A lesser-known cast liner solution is the Hipster Pantaloon Liner, which is distributed to doctors and technicians around the world.

Where in the World is AquaCast Waterproof Cast Liner Material?

Did you know that AquaCast Liner, LLC®, is the fastest-growing waterproof cast liner manufacturer in the world? It’s true! AquaCast® is the #1 waterproof cast liner choice for top healthcare professionals across the globe. Below is a list of some

AquaCast Patient Care Instructions for Doctors & Technicians

AquaCast Liner is a waterproof, breathable cast liner designed to allow patients greater freedom and mobility during their recovery. A waterproof cast liner makes it easier for patients to shower and bathe, making the recovering area more sanitary and less

Patient Care Instructions: How to Apply and Remove AquaCast

AquaCast waterproof cast liners are a great way to help your patients be more comfortable, sanitary, and active as they recover from an injury or surgery. Below is more information on how to apply and remove the cast liner material.

Help Your Patients Beat the Itch in their Casts This Summer

Although casts can greatly enhance the healing process, their design generally does not allow for good air circulation. Because of this, sooner or later, most patients will experience skin irritation and itching. In order to help your patients heal as