How to Tell If Your Dog Has Broken a Bone

If your dog is limping or behaving strangely, you may wonder if he or she has a fractured bone. Although the only way to know for certain is by having a licensed veterinarian perform X-Rays, below are some common symptoms

How Waterproof Casts Can Keep Athletes in the Game

In the past, if you were an athlete who sustained an injury during a game, you may have been out of luck. Your only choice was to sit on the proverbial bench for the next few weeks or months while

A Message of Hope and Gratitude From AquaCast® Waterproof Cast Liner

grat·i·tude/ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od/ :the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. “she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support” For over eight years, our mission at AquaCast Liner has been to provide high-quality products

How AquaCast® Liner Cast Removal Aids Can Decrease Cast Removal Injuries

Did you know that, in addition to our premier waterproof cast liner products, AquaCast Liner also stocks a wide range of cast removal aids? It’s true! Our cast removal aids help healthcare professionals across the world confidently remove casts from

A History of Casts, from AquaCast® Liner Waterproof Cast Material

Casts have been used since ancient times to hold fractures in place while patients recovered from injuries and surgeries. In today’s post, we take a brief look at the way casts evolved from simple structures made of wood and linen,

Our Most Popular Waterproof Cast Liners and Cast Removal Aids

AquaCast® waterproof cast liners replace the cotton liners and stockinettes traditionally used beneath fiberglass casts, giving patients the freedom to continue their normal daily activities such as bathing and showering. Developed by engineers and OTCs from across the U.S., in

Why Pediatricians Love Prescribing Our Waterproof Casts for Kids

When AquaCast® Liner first introduced our waterproof cast liner products, we saw immediately that our products grabbed the interest of parents and pediatricians. Over the next few years, countless doctors have told us how grateful they are that the technology

How to Help Patients Overcome Cast Removal Anxiety

For some patients, the prospect of cast removal can be a cause of anxiety. As you undoubtedly know if you are a medical practitioner, there is little to fear, as cast saws were designed with patient protection in mind. However,

How Pediatricians Can Benefit from Waterproof Cast Liners

As spring approaches, many medical practitioners begin considering which items they will need for the coming season. As experienced practitioners know, the warmer it becomes, the more sports will be played and the more injuries will occur! While you’re stocking

Cast Covers vs. Waterproof Cast Liners: Which is Better?

Waterproof cast liners can be placed underneath fiberglass casts, allowing wearers to wash, shower, and sometimes even swim without fear of causing disintegration. This in turn allows for better hygiene, reducing the risk of infection, odor, and discomfort. Below are

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