Decide On AquaCast When Needing a Waterproof Cast for Broken Bones

AquaCast® Liner wants to shares 5reasons to use waterproof casts for broken bones especially broken legs, broken arms, and broken wrists for kids and adults. 1. Waterproof casts allow the patient to wash with mild soap and water allowing patients

Want to Swim with a Cast? Now You Can With AquaCast Liner!

Waterproof liners are a bit more expensive than conventional padding, but are considered more comfortable by many patients and similar in terms of wear and healing time. For many people, waterproof liners are worth the small incremental cost because of

How Horses & Other Domesticated Animals Benefit from Waterproof Casts

Accidents happen to animals every day that involve broken bones or severe sprains. It can be difficult to help them through the healing process, but it is much easier when a waterproof cast is used. These casts allow for the

Why Is Cast Padding Important for a Waterproof Cast?

The proof is in the pudding.  Or, in this case, the padding.  The key to waterproof casts is in the padding. The outer layer of most modern casts is made from fiberglass tape that is completely waterproof, yet you can’t

Why Physicians Recommend AquaCast Liners, formally Gore Procel, for Cast Waterproofing

We Have Great Waterproof Cast Material Wearing a cast can be a major inconvenience and you may have to slow down your activities until you recover. Nobody likes to hear this from their doctor, but it’s the truth when dealing

4 Quick Waterproofing Tips You Can Use When Showering With A Cast

Showering with a cast can be a challenge as you typically have to take precautions when you are getting in and out to avoid getting water into the cast padding. Our team at AquaCast Liner enjoys sharing tips and advice

Advice from AquaCast® Liner on Waterproof Cast Care & Management

Care, Management, and Other Information for Waterproof Casts There was a time when a broken bone and cast care meant either no bathing or swimming, or a struggle with plastic bags, tape and perfect limb placement in order to swim

Overview of Waterproof Cast Company, AquaCast Liner

AquaCast®Liner  an Amazing Waterproof Cast Liner Waterproof casts for broken bones have not always been available. A broken bone in the arm, leg, hand or foot often requires that the patient wear a cast on the affected area to stabilize

The Do’s & Don’ts of Broken Bone Cast Care & Maintenance

As you know, a cast is often necessary to immobilize and stabilize a fractured bone. One purpose of a cast is to support a broken bone while it heals.  Proper broken bone cast care is essential for healing, so here

5 Reasons Why a Waterproof Cast Is A Smart Idea

Waterproof casts have been an option for more than 25 years. However, many patients and parents of patients do not know about them and therefore, do not know to request them for their injury. A broken bone can ruin a