5 Benefits of Getting Waterproof Casts for Kids

We don’t like to think about it, but our children can get injured at any minute. When an injury, such as a broken bone (wrist, arm, leg, etc) occurs, you want to ensure your child has a cast that offers

Parents, You Can Now Get Waterproof Casts for Your Children

When your child has a cast, it can make everyday tasks difficult and time consuming. Something that used to be simple, like taking a shower or bath, now becomes complicated and involves serious maneuvering for the child and parent to

Swimming With A Cast… Can It Be Done & How?

Can You Swim With a Cast? Many people wonder whether swimming with a cast is possible. It certainly is! However, it does depend on the type of material that the cast is made out of. If you have a waterproof

Why Having a Waterproof Cast Is Important Even When Not Swimming. Here’s Why.

Casts are inconvenient, but crucial for proper healing to take place when dealing with a fractured bone. There are a lot of instructions for cast care and maintenance as shared by physicians, many of which are much easier if you

3 Ways to Keep Your Cast Dry

Wearing a cast can pose as an obstacle for even the most common daily tasks and anyone who has needed a cast for a broken bone understands how much of a nuisance they can really be. One of the most

What Are the Pros & Cons of a Waterproof Cast?

There are two things you can get very tired of when you are wearing a cast: people asking what happened and having to wrap the cast in plastic every time you shower. There is not much that medical innovation can

3 Simple DIY Solutions for How to Waterproof a Cast

Most standard casts consist of two parts: a fiberglass covering and cotton padding underneath. The fiberglass is water resistant and won’t fall apart if it gets wet. The cotton padding inside, however, must be kept dry. Knowing how to waterproof

Importance of Waterproof Cast Care and Maintenance

When you break a limb, it’s important to have a cast to immobilize the injury so that the bones can properly heal. However, wearing a cast can be challenging.  Having access to a waterproof cast so that you can live

Some Features and Benefits of Waterproof Cast Padding

Most casts aren’t waterproof, but they certainly can be. Waterproof casts can save you a lot of hassle and make dealing with your recovery process a lot easier for many reasons. In a traditional cast, first, a layer of cotton

What Are My Options for Getting and Taking Care of a Water Proof Cast?

If you or a family member has ever had a cast, you realize how tough it is to keep it dry. If you or your child has a broken bone, you need answers and want to understand all options available