Advice from AquaCast® Liner on Waterproof Cast Care & Management

Care, Management, and Other Information for Waterproof Casts There was a time when a broken bone and cast care meant either no bathing or swimming, or a struggle with plastic bags, tape and perfect limb placement in order to swim

Overview of Waterproof Cast Company, AquaCast Liner

AquaCast®Liner  an Amazing Waterproof Cast Liner Waterproof casts for broken bones have not always been available. A broken bone in the arm, leg, hand or foot often requires that the patient wear a cast on the affected area to stabilize

The Do’s & Don’ts of Broken Bone Cast Care & Maintenance

As you know, a cast is often necessary to immobilize and stabilize a fractured bone. One purpose of a cast is to support a broken bone while it heals.  Proper broken bone cast care is essential for healing, so here

5 Reasons Why a Waterproof Cast Is A Smart Idea

Waterproof casts have been an option for more than 25 years. However, many patients and parents of patients do not know about them and therefore, do not know to request them for their injury. A broken bone can ruin a

Waterproof Cast Liners in Arm, Wrist & Leg Fractures Provide Adequate Support

Waterproof Casts for Kids and Adults The traditional cast on a broken bone is a rite of passage for many kids. While many things in medicine have changed greatly over the years, the way that casts are made has remained

5 Benefits of Getting Waterproof Casts for Kids

We don’t like to think about it, but our children can get injured at any minute. When an injury, such as a broken bone (wrist, arm, leg, etc) occurs, you want to ensure your child has a cast that offers

Parents, You Can Now Get Waterproof Casts for Your Children

When your child has a cast, it can make everyday tasks difficult and time consuming. Something that used to be simple, like taking a shower or bath, now becomes complicated and involves serious maneuvering for the child and parent to

Swimming With A Cast… Can It Be Done & How?

Can You Swim With a Cast? Many people wonder whether swimming with a cast is possible. It certainly is! However, it does depend on the type of material that the cast is made out of. If you have a waterproof

Why Having a Waterproof Cast Is Important Even When Not Swimming. Here’s Why.

Casts are inconvenient, but crucial for proper healing to take place when dealing with a fractured bone. There are a lot of instructions for cast care and maintenance as shared by physicians, many of which are much easier if you

3 Ways to Keep Your Cast Dry

Wearing a cast can pose as an obstacle for even the most common daily tasks and anyone who has needed a cast for a broken bone understands how much of a nuisance they can really be. One of the most