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4 Steps to Properly Care for Your Waterproof Cast

Waterproof casts are perfect for children and active adults who do not want to avoid the water. The waterproof liner is made up of a material that repels large water molecules, while allowing moisture vapor to escape through the membrane.

How a Water Proof Cast Keeps Athletes In the Game

Traditionally, when you were an athlete and broke a bone, you were just out of luck. You’d be on the bench for the next few weeks or months while your broken bone healed since you could not get your cast

4 Reasons Why AquaCast Liners Are A Better Choice for Small Children

Summer sun and fun means more time playing outside, swimming, and generally having a great time with my family. However, this also inevitably leads to another, not-so-fun summer normality: cuts, bruises, and broken bones. When my kids are playing more,

Key Differences Between a Waterproof Cast and a Standard Cast

As if having a broken bone isn’t enough of a pain, having to wear a cast that must be kept dry just adds to the nuisance. Having to skip swimming and other water activities, dealing with awkward covers and plastic

3 Main Benefits of AquaCast Liner vs a Cast Cover

Breaking a bone is never fun. Constantly recounting the story to everyone who asked can become stressful while you are just trying to heal.  Click here to see what I mean: Luckily, there is one thing you don’t have

Waterproof Casts Are Helpful, Even if You Don’t Plan on Swimming

There’s no denying it: broken bones and the casts that accompany them are inconvenient. However, developments in the technology of cast construction have eliminated one element of inconvenience that used to plague cast-wearers since their creation. With waterproof casts, you

Quick Tips on How to Avoid an Itchy, Odorous Cast

Dealing with a broken bone can be a difficult process and everyone who has ever worn a cast, knows it can be a physical challenge sometimes. The good news is that there are many things that you can do to

Top 5 Benefits of a Waterproof Cast

Nicer weather breeds injuries with so many people being more active outside or with sports. Many of the injuries tend to be fractures and broken bones. While traditional casts formerly put a huge damper on the already unpleasant healing process,

Research Shows that the AquaCast Liner is Extremely Effective

Has a broken bone gotten you or your child down? Are simple tasks like bathing just too much of a struggle? Surely there is a better way to walk the road toward recovery. Cue waterproof casts. In the past, it

Pros and Cons of a Waterproof Cast

Did you know it’s possible to bathe, shower, and even swim while wearing waterproof casts for broken bones? It is! Waterproof cast padding is applied on the inside of a traditional fiberglass cast. The impressive technology eliminates many of the