AquaCast Patient Care Instructions for Doctors & Technicians

AquaCast Liner is a waterproof, breathable cast liner designed to allow patients greater freedom and mobility during their recovery. A waterproof cast liner makes it easier for patients to shower and bathe, making the recovering area more sanitary and less susceptible to infection. It also makes activities such as swimming more possible. Below is more patient care information for doctors and technicians using AquaCast.

How Does a Waterproof Cast Liner Work?

Our waterproof cast liners contain billions of tiny pores that are much larger than moisture vapor molecules, but much smaller than liquid water droplets. When the liner is exposed to liquids, it will remain dry while the patient’s skin gets wet. When the patient is finished showering, bathing, or swimming, most of the water will quickly drain out of the cast openings. The patients’ body heat will warm the remaining water, causing it to become vapor and pass through the liner and casting tape.

What Are AquaCast Liners Used for?

AquaCast Liners are designed for orthopedic use during cast application, including casting for fractures, sprains, strains, splinting or bracing, orthotic/prosthetic and serial casting. The products are designed to permit washing, bathing, and swimming. With that said, it is up to each prescribing physician to determine which activities should be permitted during their patient’s recovery.

Precautions When Using AquaCast Liners

AquaCast Liner should not be used on open wounds or sores. These conditions require increased caution on the part of the physician, cast technician, and patient. In addition, patients and prescribers should not put oils, lotions, powders, sand, dirt, grease, non-prescribed soaps, or solvents into the cast. Should any of these contaminants enter the cast, patients are advised to wash them out as immediately and as thoroughly as possible.

Will my Patient Experience Itching with AquaCast?

Patients will experience normal itching and discomfort in any cast. However, the AquaCast liner helps to significantly reduce itching in most cases. This is because the cast enables patients to wash the recovering area, removing dead skin and other buildup which causes irritation. With that said, it is important to remind patients not to insert foreign objects into the cast, which can cause injury or infection. Instead, patients may be advised to aim a hair dryer at the area on the low/cool setting to reduce itching.

How Should My Patient Wash and Dry Beneath a Waterproof Cast?

It is recommended that patients use a mild soap to wash the affected area, then thoroughly rinse it with clean water. After wetting the cast, no special drying procedures are necessary. Drying times will vary based on the cast type and other factors, such as air temperature, humidity levels, body temperature, and activity level. Generally, drying will take about an hour. Patients can reduce the drying time by draining the liquid water from their cast after they are out of the water.

Learn More About our Waterproof Cast Liner Material

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