AquaCast® Liner FAQs for Doctors and Technicians

Doctors and technicians often ask us about our waterproof cast liner products. Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about AquaCast Liner. 

Can my patients wash a waterproof cast?

Yes. Casts with AquaCast waterproof liners can be washed with normal soap and water, and then rinsed thoroughly with a forceful stream of clean water.  

How long does it take for a waterproof cast to dry?

In most cases, the cast will be dry in less than 60 minutes. However, factors such as activity level, body temperature, room temperature, and humidity all affect the drying time.

Will waterproof cast material reduce my patient’s itching?

AquaCast liner material is extremely smooth and allows the patient to easily rinse out dead skin and perspiration, which may reduce itching. Rinsing the area with cold water, which is only possible with a waterproof cast liner, can also sometimes satisfy the need to itch.

Does a waterproof cast reduce odors?

Yes. Since patients are able to wash and rinse under the cast, there is less propensity for odors.

How is a waterproof cast liner able to remain dry?

AquaCast’s waterproof cast liners are made of non-absorbent material which does not retain water. AquaCast’s design also allows water to quickly drain out of the cast, while residual moisture evaporates through the liner and the fiberglass cast material above it. The material will remain unaffected by water and perspiration.

Will AquaCast reduce my patient’s recast visits?

Yes! Because AquaCast liner material can get wet, the patient will not have to make visits for water-related damage.

Help Patients Stay Safe and Dry with AquaCast

AquaCast’s waterproof cast material allows patients to enjoy the lifestyle they led before their fracture or injury as much as possible. The protective cast material makes the recovery much more comfortable, sanitary, and hassle-free! To learn more about our products, click here

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