7 FAQ’s About Broken Bones & Wearing a Cast

If your child is wearing a cast, or if you are, you may appreciate answers to these frequently asked questions.

1. What can be done to stop itching in broken bones casts?
Doctors discourage scratching, even with fingers. It can lead to broken skin which can create further complications. Using a fan or blow dryer set on cool or no heat to blow cool air down the cast can sometimes reduce the itching. In a waterproof cast liner you can soothe the area with cool water.

2. How can you improve a smelly cast?
No perfumes, air fresheners or colognes should be put into or on a cast. To prevent smells, a waterproof cast liner can be used because it allows sweat to dry quickly and allows you to bathe regularly and flush water down the cast.

3. How can you take a shower?
In a regular cast, many people try to shower by wrapping the cast in plastic bags. Another alternative is to purchase a commercially available cast cover. To avoid the need for a cast cover in bathing situations, a waterproof cast liner can be utilized when the cast is applied.

4. What if the cast starts to break down?
If the cast starts to break down your doctor will have to either reinforce the cast or put on a new one. Unfortunately, water damage is often considered the patient’s responsibility, and insurance may not pay for recasting.  Waterproof padding can extend the life of a cast because it does not matter if it gets wet.

5. Can you play sports or exercise?
Your doctor can tell you which physical activities are safe with your condition. However, there are fewer limitations if you get waterproof cast padding. This allows you to perspire with minimal  concern about the moisture.

6. Can you go swimming in your cast?
It is possible to get a waterproof cast that will allow you to get into the water.   Although less convenient, cast covers also claim the ability to use their products to swim with a cast.

7. Will the rain affect your cast?
In general a fiberglass cast will be unaffected if the exterior gets slightly wet in the rain. A fiberglass cast with waterproof cast padding can withstand the moisture of any rainstorm.

For more answers, talk to the waterproof cast specialists at AquaCast Liner. Our products can help you enjoy a normal routine despite your injury’s limitations by allowing you to get the cast wet and fully submerge in water while swimming, bathing or taking a shower.

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