5 Reasons Why a Waterproof Cast Is A Smart Idea

Waterproof casts have been an option for more than 25 years. However, many patients and parents of patients do not know about them and therefore, do not know to request them for their injury. A broken bone can ruin a summer or extracurricular activities because traditional casts are not able to get wet. Here’s the good news, children and parents do not have to worry about water damage to a waterproof cast.  As a bonus, patients can swim and enjoy any activity their doctor allows if they have a waterproof cast!

AquaCast® Liner wants to share five reasons to use waterproof casts:

  1. Waterproof casts allow the patient to wash with mild soap and water allowing patients to maintain more normal hygiene practices.
  2. They are durable. In many cases, the patient can participate in doctor approved activities while wearing the cast.
  3. The patient is able to bathe or shower with no preparation time for a clumsy cast cover.
  4. There is less chance the patient will require a trip to the doctor for recasting due to a damaged wet cast.
  5. Waterproof casts provide adequate support to the injury for proper healing.

While waterproof casts are good for the summer, they are also great for any season or activity.

How to Take Care of a Waterproof Cast

1.) Get your cast wet every day. Skin cells that slough off can accumulate if the skin is not rinsed with a forceful stream of clean water.

2.) Clean the cast by rinsing inside it with a forceful stream of clean water. This is especially important if you have spent time in the ocean, a lake, river or chlorinated pool. You will reduce your risk of developing skin irritation if you rinse your cast on a regular basis. Feel free to use a doctor recommended soap when cleaning.

There are other recommendations that you will have to follow both from the AquaCast Liner instructions and also from your doctor.

Do you have interest in getting waterproof casts? Contact us any time with your questions or to receive more information. Also, it’s always best to ask your physician about the options available for your specific injury.

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