5 Benefits of Getting Waterproof Casts for Kids

We don’t like to think about it, but our children can get injured at any minute. When an injury, such as a broken bone (wrist, arm, leg, etc) occurs, you want to ensure your child has a cast that offers supreme protection and remains comfortable.

The simplest task of showering with a cast that isn’t waterproof can lead to major headaches for both parents and children alike. Here are four of the many benefits of getting waterproof casts for kids.

1. Shower Time

Showering with a waterproof cast will ensure that the cast is not damaged when it comes in contact with water. Children that shower with a normal cast can encounter issues when it gets wet, whether it be accidently or purposefully. Depending on the affected area, dodging water to the injured location might prove difficult. Enjoy peace of mind when your child’s waterproof cast enters the shower.

2. General Hygiene

An act as simple as washing your hands before a meal or washing your face before bed time is complicated when wearing a cast.  Additionally, a cast cover will not help in most of these situations since the cover often covers the part of the body you are trying to wash.  With a waterproof cast, general hygiene including washing of the hands and face is much simpler.  If the waterproof cast gets wet during washing, it will dry on its own rather quickly.

3. Swimming Activities

The joys of the late Spring and Summer months when the sun is out and the air is warm are compromised. Your child will undoubtedly want to take up a day on the water at the beach, the lake or a local swimming pool. Sadly, if they are in a traditional cast that is not waterproof or if a they are using a cast cover that failed to keep water out, swimming can turn into a bad experience and further issues once out of the water. Now, say your child is swimming with a cast that is waterproof, you can rest easy knowing they can fully enjoy their day out in the sun.

4. Protection from Undesirable Weather Conditions

Although we wish we could, it’s impossible to control the weather. You don’t want to be out with your child when a rainstorm starts, especially with a non-waterproof cast. A waterproof cast will ensure that no storm will rain on your parade.

5. Accidental Spills

Another benefit of a waterproof cast for kids is that it can protect the damaged area against spills. We all know children can sometimes be messy or rambunctious and you don’t want to have to get another cast made, just because a big spill occurred.

If you ever find yourself dealing with a broken bone, then be sure to talk with your physician for more information about how to get your child a waterproof cast.

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