How to Properly Care for Your Waterproof Cast

Waterproof casts are perfect for children and active adults who do not want to avoid the water. The waterproof liner is made up of a material that repels large water molecules, while allowing moisture vapor to escape through the membrane. In order to keep both the liner and outer cast material in good shape, follow these 4 steps for waterproof cast maintenance.

1. Clean the Cast After Getting It Wet

Dilute a small amount of soap in water (use a soap that your doctor or provider recommends). Use this solution to gently clean the outside of the cast.  Additionally, if your doctor or provider recommends it, you can run some of this solution through the cast.  After washing, rinse the inside and outside of the cast thoroughly with clean water.  Flushing the inside of the cast with a forceful stream of clean water is highly recommended. This minimizes micro organisms  and grime from building up in and around the area.

2. Dry Well & Fast

While waterproof casts normally dry within an hour, the actual time may be influenced by factors such as air temperature, humidity, and perspiration. You can use a towel or other absorbent material on the outside of the cast to speed drying time.   Being active creates body heat which vaporizes water remaining in the cast, also reducing drying time.

3. Look For Signs of Problems

Actively check the cast for signs of odor or drainage. As with a traditional cast, keep an eye out for numbness, red or broken skin,  swelling, or discomfort. It is possible for any cast to become loose as swelling from the initial injury recedes, so check this as well.

4. Manage Discomfort

Some waterproof cast liners are designed to be smooth and help minimize itching. However, conditions such as dry skin can cause discomfort. Never apply creams or lotions inside a cast.  For relief, try an ice pack on the outside of the cast or rinsing the inside of the cast with cool water.. Remember to follow the waterproof cast maintenance tips provided by your doctor anytime it becomes wet.

Caring for a waterproof cast is far easier than it is for a traditional cast. It also reduces the number of times a cast must be re-applied while still allowing for the freedom of swimming and showering normally. Take the plunge into a better way to manage fractures and order today or contact AquaCast Liner for more information.


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