4 Reasons Why AquaCast Liners Are A Better Choice for Small Children

Summer sun and fun means more time playing outside, swimming, and generally having a great time with my family. However, this also inevitably leads to another, not-so-fun summer normality: cuts, bruises, and broken bones. When my kids are playing more, it’s natural that they are more accident and injury prone. Getting a cast is never a fun thing, especially for my little ones, but having so many of their activities compromised because of the cast can make life very challenging during the healing period. Luckily, waterproof casts for kids have changed a lot of that.

Reasons I Choose Waterproof Casts for Children

1. Quick dry, no smell!
Using waterproof casts for kids minimizes the buildup up harmful (and stinky!) dead skin and micro organisms in the cast . Small children are more sensitive to these elements than strong, adult bodies, so getting rid of any additional risks is a great benefit to me.

2. Swimming with a cast? You got it!
With a waterproof cast, my child was able to return to playing without certain limitations. Swimming with a cast is made possible because the inner lining does not absorb water and lead to possible skin maceration. After swimming, the lining will typically dry within an hour.

3. Cleanliness
Having small children means having a constant mess. Happy kids are often dirty! However, I worry less about cleanliness with waterproof casts. Because the lining can get wet, I can bathe my child regularly and get to all areas, including flushing the area under the cast with clean water.

4. Efficiency
When using a waterproof cast for children, I can cut down any unnecessary prep time before bathing them. Gone are the days of wrapping the cast in a plastic bag or cast cover. Bath time just became fun again!

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