3 Main Benefits of AquaCast Liner vs a Cast Cover

Breaking a bone is never fun. Constantly recounting the story to everyone who asked can become stressful while you are just trying to heal.  Click here to see what I mean: https://www.buzzfeed.com/celestinomark/moments-you-only-understand-when-you-have-a-cast

Luckily, there is one thing you don’t have to worry about with your injury this time: keeping the cast dry.

While traditional casts require dryness, a cast made with AquaCast Liner waterproof material can withstand the rain, the pool, and the bath without any form of cover.

Casts are made up of a hard outer shell and a soft inner lining. Traditionally, this inner lining was made of cotton or other synthetic materials, while the outside was composed of plaster or fiberglass. Although this soft inner lining material is comfortable when dry, getting it wet creates issues, which is why doctors would instruct you to use cast covers when showering or, dare we say it, a plastic grocery bag!

What is an AquaCast Liner?

Using waterproof cast material, namely a fiberglass outer shell and a soft padded breathable lining for the cast padding, AquaCast Liner is the number one waterproof cast in the world. Using this alternative to a traditional cast allows you to remain active and carry on with your life while healing from a broken leg, arm, or wrist injury.

Three Main Benefits

1. Convenience
A waterproof cast is more convenient. You don’t have to worry about ruining it with water. This means you can sweat, swim, and shower in peace, without trying to keep the cast dry.

2. Cleanliness
The AquaCast liners are waterproof, but their protective factor also applies to sweat. There is nothing worse than the unpleasant smell caused by sweat absorption in a traditional cotton cast liner. Because AquaCast liners do not absorb or trap water, sweat and body oils, the odor is practically eliminated, which makes patients feel a lot cleaner. Plus, being able to bathe as normal ensures that you can clean every part of yourself, instead of keeping an arm or leg extended outside of the shower.

3. Comfort
In addition to being cleaner and more convenient, the cast padding is breathable and smooth.  With daily flushing of the cast with a stream of clean forceful water it can further prevent the build-up of micro organisms and the accompanying odors. The liner is also super fast-drying.

For more information about how you can have a more pleasant experience when dealing with a broken bone, contact AquaCast Liner today or speak with your doctor about getting a waterproof cast!

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