Do You Suffer From Broken Bone Depression? Our Tips Can Help You Cope

Breaking a bone can be an exceedingly painful condition. The physical toll can be tremendous, but what’s often overlooked is the emotional pain associated with a broken bone.

People who are injured often feel sad, depressed, or even angry after their injury — and most of the time, they can’t explain why.

This is attributed to broken bone depression.

It’s a common result of the body’s suppression of certain hormonal systems while healing, but it isn’t fun and here are a few ways to alleviate it.

1. Exercise!

Not all exercises may be possible with a broken bone, and any attempt should be done carefully so that you don’t aggravate the injury further. However, exercise can be great for boosting your mood and helping your body get the physical exertion it requires while you’re healing. You can do low-impact exercises like swimming, even with a cast on! Waterproof cast liners allow your cast to get wet while swimming or showering. There’s no need to stay immobile the entire time. If you want to get out there and have fun, get waterproof cast liners as soon as the injury occurs.

2. Pamper Yourself

It’s important to treat yourself with a bit more care than normal, especially while recovering from a broken bone. Get a book you’ve been interested in, go see a movie you’ve had your eye on, and make sure you have comfortable cast padding. Keeping yourself comfy is absolutely necessary for recovering — and it helps fight the depression, too.

3. Seek Out a Support Group

Sometimes online support groups can be just the trick. Online, you can remain completely anonymous, giving you the freedom to divulge any fears you may have in regard to your recovery. Make use of these outlets. If you’re scared or concerned about something, but you don’t want to admit it to someone in person, go online. There are numerous sources designed specifically for your situation.

Broken bone depression is unpleasant and may seem like it will never end, but hold steady; you’ll recover and be back to your normal self in no time. Until then, make use of these three tips to keep your spirits high while recovering.